First HuffPo Piece = SMART Goal-Setting Come True


We made it on Huffington Post!  "Forget Work-Life Balance - Aim for Blend Instead" I set the goal to publish on HuffPo way back on January 2, 2013 - a couple of weeks before the first iteration of this site went live. This definitely seems like a good example of creating a "SMART" goal:

Specific:  Huffington Post publication

Measurable:  Building credibility toward that goal through guest posts on increasingly established sites

Attainable:  While I wasn't ready in January 2013 as a brand new blogger, I trusted I had the skill set and the resolve for this to be an attainable goal, when the time was right

Relevant: Being published on HuffPo isn't really about that publication - it's about being able to reach more people with my passionate belief that meaningful work is worth working toward, and can be found!

Time-Bound: I honestly didn't do this part in any formal manner, although I'd privately hoped to be on HuffPo within two years.

Hope you enjoy the HuffPo post (you may recognize it from the past) and it inspires you to share and/or comment.

More importantly, though, what's the SMART goal you're going to set today? You never know, in 14 months it might just come true! :)