The Who Am I These Days? Annual Tune-Up


Think back to the last time you tried to draw a straight line between two distant points, free hand. You’re happily drawing along, inch by inch, when you glance up and realize that – ugh! –your “straight line” resembles the warped arc of Sagittarius’s bow. Remember how our grade school teachers taught us to avoid this? We were instructed to place little dots between the start point and end point, and then to simply connect those dots. Voila! A straight line!

Of course life is anything but a straight line - the essence of its joy – but still the most efficient way to get from where we are to where we want to be is by drawing little dots between here and there.

Annual tune-ups are those dots.

With that in mind, I offer you The "Who Am I These Days?!" Annual Tune Up. The content has been inspired by various posts I’ve written here - including Monday's post Work-Life Balance Doesn't Exist - and I’ll continue to update the worksheet as new posts demand. If you want to hear about these updates, be sure to get on the Working Self Newsletter list, where I’ll announce each and every one - plus new self-reflective worksheets, rolling out soon!

I hope you enjoy your Annual Tune-Up! There’s nothing like getting back in touch with you and your goals to light a fire under your actions.

If you like this worksheet, please share it with a friend! And let me know your thoughts – positive or constructive - via email or in comments.

Before you complete the new worksheet I want to know:  what strategies do you use to keep yourself and your goals on track?