Twitter Resumes & Making Passion Practical


If there could be two less-related topics in one post, it would be these. But since they're my two most recent guest posts - and are both vital to a healthy working self - here are some peas and ice cream for ya. Dig in!

  • You've heard the argument for doing what you love. You've heard the argument for being practical and keeping a roof over your head. You've found yourself totally confused about which to believe. Guess what? There's a feasible - and readily available - middle ground. In my recent guest post "Does Passion Matter? How to Find Your Dream Job", I argue for practical passion - and tell you step by step how to attain it. I thank Nick at A Young Pro for publishing it this past Friday.
  • Can you sum up your experience, skills, and aspirations in 140 characters? More importantly, should you? Twitter resumes are starting to leave the station, and you need to know whether it's time to grab a ticket. In "Do You Need a Twitter Resume?" published today on, I discuss when a Twitter resume makes sense...and when it doesn't. Read up:  you don't want to be caught with your Twitter finger unarmed!

I hope you enjoy these two guest posts. I'd hoped to rustle up an all-new post for this site at the same time, but it's dawning on me that summer in Maine is short and that my kiddo will only be two years old once - SO off to the beach, Storyland, and other toddler wonderlands I go. And back to the content shortly! (The best part of creating a life you love is being the boss of what you get to savor when!)

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my guest posts, so please pop over to those sites and leave some comments!