Original Video: Passion, Work and Your 20s (A Corny Visual Guide)

I recently got myself involved in a challenge. Or, more appropriately, a dare. I'd been commenting back and forth with actor Steven Sparling, the blogger behind The Thriving Creative (if you haven't checked his site out, you're seriously missing out), and we got to challenging each other to make and post videos on our blogs. Within one week. His creation was posted promptly, had an inspiring message, and was delivered in a straightforward, engaging manner.

And me?

I took the full week to do it, got carried away with iMovie, and employed pipe cleaners and brown-painted styrofoam balls that, it turns out, look like meatballs on camera.

In other words, those posts I wrote about failure? That wasn't just lip service. Since I believe we only make progress by DOING something, here is my earnest fledgling effort. And the truth is I had an absolute blast making and editing this video. However silly it looks!

The video's topic:  My dear high school friend Allie (10-year-anniversary shout out!) forwarded along a story from NPR questioning whether passion is actually important to career. They were reporting on a blog post on Marginal Revolution, in which an Ivy League grad asks how to find a career if he doesn't have any passion.

Is passion needed for a fulfilling career? Watch my 5-minute video to find out (as if you can't guess my response!)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg7ISJv6g-8]

Have you tried making any YouTube or Vimeo videos? Would you like to try? I'll lay down the one-week gauntlet for you if you're so inclined! Feel free to post links in the comments.

PS - If you were watching closely, you probably spotted my new website address. Yes, we're moving! More details to come soon...Once I figure out how to use CSS. In other words, maybe never.