Thinking Of Quitting Your Job? How To Do It Regret-Free

Work is a source of financial stability, social connection, purpose, and stimulation. No wonder most of us balk when it comes to quitting - even when we’re in a pretty awful situation.

It turns out that our hesitation is reasonable. 1 in 4 people do regret leaving their jobs, according to a survey by Accountemps.

But we’re also likely to regret NOT quitting: research shows that we tend to have longer-lasting sadness about inaction than actions we take.

Talk about a rock and a hard place!

That’s why I wrote a new article for Forbes that offers up six steps to quitting without regrets. It features a ton of tips from career coach Lisa Lewis, who has not only coached others through the process of leaving jobs and situations, but also personally made a major change that she reversed - without regret.

Have you ever regretted leaving a job? If so, how did you manage the feelings?